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CampusEd lets you plan your education experience, build a professional network, apply to jobs and earn in-demand credentials important to local companies looking for new employees just like you!

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How do you Connect, Plan, and Succeed?

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CampusEd allows you to build a professional profile around your education and achievements. Connect to peers in all of your classes, your friends and colleagues on campus, your coworkers and all users who have common interests or achievements in order to build a professional network that you'll carry with you throughout your career!

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CampusEd's exclusive learning plan tool allows you to customize your on-campus class selections and learn how those achievements can lead to nationally-recognized, industry-specific credentials. Beyond earning your degree, CampusEd will help you translate your academic achievements into professional success!

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Local employers are looking for people just like you! Search CampusEd's vast employer listings for organizations in need of people with your background, education and credentials. Whether you're looking for an externship, your first job or your next job, CampusEd is the best place to get started!