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CampusEd® is a brand new platform aimed at connecting qualified, front-line talent to local employers. Dedicated to high-growth sectors like healthcare, IT and trades, CampusEd® offers users the opportunity to discover new career paths, earn in-demand certifications and credentials, and showcase their skills to local employers looking for front-line talent.

On the flip side, employers can leverage CampusEd® to cultivate growing pools of qualified candidates to fill high-volume that require and value specialized training over traditional education outcomes. Our “first job” and externship experience posts center around skills – not degrees or diplomas – and we built CampusEd® with exactly that goal in mind: to connect employers to skilled technicians and tradespeople in their area in an efficient, effective and affordable way.

A brand new comprehensive platform centered around

skills & achievement

Bring the learning experience to life in an easy-to-navigate platform that offers learners an affordable option that draws a straight line from skills to badges to jobs.
Learners can chart their educational future with access to hundreds of learning plans and endless online educational resources with related digital badges.
Learners can develop a professional online profile, build a network, and participate in an encouraging and lively community built on achievement.
Learners can create a digital and downloadable resume using the CampusEd 5-step resume tool, discover and apply to jobs that match their skills.
From Career Exploration and Skills Development solutions to End-to-End Career Services and Placement, CampusEd can help drive marketing and boost enrollment.
And a better way to find qualified candidates

Recruiters can view Candidate Profiles and Download Resumes as Uniform,
Objective and Comparable Documents that are Easy to Review, Showcasing
Verified Skills with Digital Badges.

It’s about the right candidates with the right skills.
We can help you get there.

Leveraging our workforce development expertise and experience working with local community colleges and employers, CampusEd® is connecting education and front-line work in a way that’s never been done before.

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